News #1 – Yearnings for home scores arrive for rehearsal

by Tristan Latchford

A view of some musical scores for the Yearnings for Home series

A First News Article, where the scores for our new concert series arrive.


Date added: 01/05/2024

In this inaugral item of news, I'd like to share with you something especially exciting. The arrival of the scores for our concert series, 'Yearnings for Home'. Today is also our first rehearsal together, and something that I'm very much looking forward to. The best part about playing music is the 'playing', and thus when rehearsals commence on a new composition, it's a very exciting moment. It's officially when things move from being about the 'what', 'why', and 'when' of playing, to the enjoyment and exploration of a new piece. 

More than anything else. It's absolutely great fun!

Our first concert for this series is coming up in 17 days on the 18th May, and will be held at All Saint's Church, Newmarket at 6:30pm. 


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