Catalogue of Works (Summary)


OP 56: Two Short Studies of Gravity

Year of composition:2020
Ensemble type:Solo
Instrumentation:Various (Violoncello, Violin)
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
a.Straight DownNov-208'SoloVioloncello
b.Straight UpNov-203'SoloViolin

OP 53: 2 Short Works for Viol Consort

Year of composition:2020
Ensemble type:Small Ensemble
Instrumentation:Solo Soprano, English Flute, Viol Consort
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
I.Sassi, PelaeMay-20Small EnsembleSolo Soprano, English Flute, Viol Consort
II.Hope is the thing with feathersCurrentSmall EnsembleSolo Soprano, English Flute, Viol Consort

OP 52: 12 Short Preludes for Piano

Year of composition:2021
Ensemble type:Solo
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
I.As you feel it - 'Cascades'Jun-202'00"SoloPiano
II.As it comes to you - 'Incessance'Jun-202'00"SoloPiano
III.As Excited as it is EnergeticAug-202'00"SoloPiano
IV.As Tybalt EntersAug-202'00"SoloPiano
V.As if performed by Sir Toby BelchAug-202'00"SoloPiano
VI.As a Warm Summer's DayAug-202'00"SoloPiano
VII.As if Truly PolarizedAug-202'00"SoloPiano
VIII.As close as can be, without reachingAug-202'00"SoloPiano

OP 50: Prince Siddartha - A Chamber Opera

Year of composition:2021
Ensemble type:Opera
Instrumentation:Soloists, SATB Choir, Chamber Orchestra
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
Act 11. From Dark to Light - PreludeCurrentOpera
2. Chorus ('Auspicious day!')CurrentOpera
3. Recit and Aria (Look for signs of signification...)CurrentOpera
4. Chorus and RecitCurrentOpera
5. Aria ('What rumour is this?')CurrentOpera
Act 26. Aria ('I will take to the open road')CurrentOpera
7. Chorus ('We praise Gautama's vision')CurrentOpera
8. Aria and Duet ('Beloved Son, you've learned the truth)CurrentOpera
9. From Light to Dark (Orchestral Interlude)17/05/20205'OperaOrchestra
10. ('No peace here...'21/05/20201'23"OperaSemi-Chorus, Chorus, Orchestra
11. Aria ('Sitting I the shade of a rose-apple tree')CurrentOpera
12. Chorus ('See Gautama setting forth,')CurrentOpera
Act 313. Aria ('My flesh may wither...')CurrentOpera
14. cont ('Nirvana means extinction...')CurrentOpera
15. cont. ('Arise thou, from that seat!')CurrentOpera
16. Chorus ('Shaking of the heavens and hells')CurrentOpera
17. Aria and Choral Recit ('Lord now preach the Dharma')CurrentOpera
18. Aria ('In my victory I have gained immunity')CurrentOpera
19. Chorus ('Glory be to the Buddha')CurrentOpera
20. From Light to Enlightened - PostludeCurrentOpera

OP 49: Euge Caeli Porta

Year of composition:2020
Ensemble type:Chamber Choir
Instrumentation:SATB Choir

OP 48: A Gift for Some Friends

Year of composition:2020
Ensemble type:Solo
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
Matthew Kelley, James Horan20203'SoloOrgan
Gillian Weir20203'SoloOrgan
Ian De Massini20203'SoloOrgan

OP 47: Celebrating Women in the Bible

Year of composition:2020
Ensemble type:Cathedral Choir
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
I.Sarah20204'10"Cathedral ChoirSemi-chorus, SATB Choir, Organ
II.Miriam20204'40"Cathedral ChoirSolo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, SATB Choir, Organ
III.RuthJul-206'10"Cathedral ChoirSATB Choir, Organ
IV.EstherOct-207'45"Cathedral ChoirSolo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, SATB Choir, Organ
V.MagdaleneJul-196'10"Cathedral ChoirSolo Treble, Solo Alto, SATB Choir, Organ
VI.LydiaJul-204'33"Cathedral ChoirSolo Mezzo-Soprano, Organ
VII.PriscillaDec-2014'45"Cathedral ChoirSSAATTBB Choir, Organ