Catalogue of Works (Summary)


OP 64: Nitroglycerin

Year of composition:Nov-21
Ensemble type:Orchestra
Instrumentation:Full Orchestra ((1)2.2(1).2(1).2(1) - - timp - Perc(2) - Hrp - Cel - Str)

OP 59: An Idea in Rapture

Year of composition:Jan-21
Ensemble type:Quartet
Instrumentation:String Quartet

OP 52: 12 Short Preludes for Piano

Year of composition:2021
Ensemble type:Solo
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
I.As you feel it - 'Cascades'Jun-202'00"SoloPiano
II.As it comes to you - 'Incessance'Jun-202'00"SoloPiano
III.As Excited as it is EnergeticAug-202'00"SoloPiano
IV.As Tybalt EntersAug-202'00"SoloPiano
V.As if performed by Sir Toby BelchAug-202'00"SoloPiano
VI.As a Warm Summer's DayAug-202'00"SoloPiano
VII.As if Truly PolarizedAug-202'00"SoloPiano
VIII.As close as can be, without reachingAug-202'00"SoloPiano

OP 50: Prince Siddartha - A Chamber Opera

Year of composition:2021
Ensemble type:Opera
Instrumentation:Soloists, SATB Choir, Chamber Orchestra
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
Act 11. From Dark to Light - PreludeOct-22Opera
2. Chorus ('Auspicious day!')Oct-22Opera
3. Recit and Aria (Look for signs of signification...)Oct-22Opera
4. Chorus and RecitOct-22Opera
5. Aria ('What rumour is this?')Oct-22Opera
Act 26. Aria ('I will take to the open road')Oct-22Opera
7. Chorus ('We praise Gautama's vision')Oct-22Opera
8. Aria and Duet ('Beloved Son, you've learned the truth)Oct-22Opera
9. From Light to Dark (Orchestral Interlude)17/05/20205'OperaOrchestra
10. ('No peace here...'21/05/20201'23"OperaSemi-Chorus, Chorus, Orchestra
11. Aria ('Sitting I the shade of a rose-apple tree')Oct-22Opera
12. Chorus ('See Gautama setting forth,')Oct-22Opera
Act 313. Aria ('My flesh may wither...')Oct-22Opera
14. cont ('Nirvana means extinction...')Oct-22Opera
15. cont. ('Arise thou, from that seat!')Oct-22Opera
16. Chorus ('Shaking of the heavens and hells')Oct-22Opera
17. Aria and Choral Recit ('Lord now preach the Dharma')Oct-22Opera
18. Aria ('In my victory I have gained immunity')Oct-22Opera
19. Chorus ('Glory be to the Buddha')Oct-22Opera
20. From Light to Enlightened - PostludeOct-22Opera

OP 18: Redemption - A Film Soundtrack

Year of composition:2021
Ensemble type:Various
No./MvtTitleComposedDurationEnsemble typeInstrumentation
I.Theo's Theme *2016SoloSolo Piano
II.LuciusRelease: 2022QuartetString Quartet
III.Apocolypse, with Words by Rosie Hodsdon*Release: 2022Medium EnsembleJazz Band, Solo Soprano
IV.'Redemption'Release: 2022Medium EnsembleJazz Band
V.SarahRelease: 2022QuartetString Quartet
VI.IdRelease: 2022Solo+Prepared Piano, Cello
VII.CeremonyRelease: 2022Solo+Organ, Tubular Bells
VIII.The TarotRelease: 2022SoloSolo Violin
IX.FinaleRelease: 2022Full OrchestraFull Orchestra ( - - Perc. - 2hrp - str)